Friday, July 1, 2011

So it begins!

I'm just extremely bored... So bored I even dare to make a blog wasting my time sharing my thoughts with people I don't know :D At least I might be able to entertain some of you.

Something about me: I'm a lazy 20 year old german guy with tons of free time right now. I just finished my "Abitur" and have nothing to do till Octobre. When I'm not introducing myself to you I preferably play League of Legends at the moment. And just when I noticed that if it's boring, you also have no intention of going to sleep and just keep browsing the web or start a blog. That's how I came up with NoNeed4Sleep.

I was interested in alternative sleep cycles for a long time now but since I'm now awake for 40h and don't even feel tired I think I might just reached a new stage of evolution (or I'm just sick). So that'll be what this blog will be about... I think...

I hope you're interested and maybe can share some stories of staying up late ;)

That should do it for the moment. I'll grab some more coffee and play LoL.


1 comment:

  1. hahaha go to sleep man. +1 follower and looking forward for your next entries.