Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are we all egoists?

Hey fellow readers. I'm awake nearly 2 days again, slightly drunk and somehow a little bit hungry... Time for a new post!

Recently I had a conversation where I was told I should care more about myself and stop trying to be that nice to everybody else. This got me thinking since I knew even though I really do (nearly) anything I'm asked for and always try to make the people around me more happy I'm just doing it for myself to feel better, aren't I?

Actually I don't have a solution to the the topic but I'll try to explain it nontheless.
Everytime you give a gift to someone didn't you do it to make the other person happy so you enjoy yourself delightened by the other persons happyness? I hope you know this feeling since how would it be like if this feeling wasn't there? Would you still do it?

It's said there there are two ways of beeing nice. Being nice the "normal way" and being nice in a "manipulative way" to gain a favor from the other person. So isn't the "normal way" of being nice a self-manipulation?  And since manipulation is often a bad thing is the "normal way" bad too? Is there another way?

I think you get the point by now and actually I'm too lazy to continue from here or break my head trying to think over a solution.

tl;dr: Everything we do, we do for ourselfes. Regardless of how noble our motives are.

Did you have any thoughts or experiences about this thesis? If so please share it with me.

And stay awake ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A night of Legends

Just woke up at 19pm. Grabbed a bowl of cereals and will now continue with a night League of Legends! A game I gladly recommend to anyone who has the same messud up sleep cycle and boring evenings and nights that I have.

Is an easy to play, but hard to master MOBA game created by the creators of the DotA Warcraft 3 Mod.
You really should try it. And tell me your summoners name if you want to play with me.

Friday, July 1, 2011

So it begins!

I'm just extremely bored... So bored I even dare to make a blog wasting my time sharing my thoughts with people I don't know :D At least I might be able to entertain some of you.

Something about me: I'm a lazy 20 year old german guy with tons of free time right now. I just finished my "Abitur" and have nothing to do till Octobre. When I'm not introducing myself to you I preferably play League of Legends at the moment. And just when I noticed that if it's boring, you also have no intention of going to sleep and just keep browsing the web or start a blog. That's how I came up with NoNeed4Sleep.

I was interested in alternative sleep cycles for a long time now but since I'm now awake for 40h and don't even feel tired I think I might just reached a new stage of evolution (or I'm just sick). So that'll be what this blog will be about... I think...

I hope you're interested and maybe can share some stories of staying up late ;)

That should do it for the moment. I'll grab some more coffee and play LoL.